Countdown to death


In a little over an hour I’m taking my dog to the vet to be put down. The hardest part was coming to the decision. I’ve agonized over it for months and today I decided it was time. I thought I was ready but could hardly get the words out when talking to the vet. “How soon do you want to do this?” he asked. “As soon as possible.” And then I hung up and cried and I’ve been crying ever since. I took her for a walk, thought about all the things I’ll miss (and a lot that I won’t), and then had my son dig the hole.

She gets excited whenever I put the cage in the car. This time was no exception. She trusts me.

I will never own another pet in my life.


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  1. I don’t know you. I just came across your blog while using the tag surf feature. I just wanted to say I’m so sorry about your dog. I have a dog and I can’t imagine being in your situation right now. I’m sure you are doing the right thing for your dog. Please know I will be thinking of you. I’m sure anyone else who reads this will be thinking of you, as well.

  2. Thank you. I miss her more than I thought I would. May your dog live a long and happy life and die in its sleep many years from now :)

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