Dry spells


It used to frustrate me terribly when I had a dry spell in my writing.  I’m not so frustrated this time because I recognize it’s all part of the process.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, though not poetry.  Still, reading is always good.  Right now it’s Wayne Jacobsen’s “He Loves Me!”  It seems every book I’ve picked up in recent months has been blowing apart my religious ideas and preconceived notions about God, and this one’s no exception.

God’s wrath has for most of history been used to try to “scare the hell out of people.”  It’s understandable when you read some of the accounts in the Old Testament.  I’m seeing the other side of that now, and am beginning to realize that even my ideas of God’s wrath has been warped by fear.  The cool thing is he’s taking the fear away.

That’s what I wish I could write about…if I could only get my mind around it :)


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