Some days I wonder why I do this


My husband for sure doesn’t understand it.  “Why do you want to post your private life for everyone to read?”  I don’t really have an answer for that.  I know I certainly enjoy reading blogs, especially those in which the people are being real.  Now that I’ve gotten into Facebook I’m in touch with a lot more friends, but still the blog is different, kind of like my little corner of the web.  It’s almost like a diary but it’s not under lock and key.  (I figure what’s hidden will be revealed someday anyway so why not just live in the open now?)

It’s interesting the searches that lead people here.  More recently of course it’s been those for the West Chester Conference, then it got more specific and the search went to individual poets I may have mentioned in that “snapshot”.  For sure they weren’t looking for this poet, lol.  If any do, I hope they aren’t disappointed to find just an ordinary person trying to be open about her life and walk with God.  I’m not terribly prolific when it comes to writing and am amazed by some poet friends who write just about every other day it seems.  No, I’m like an elephant with a loooong gestational period :)

The thing I have to be careful of is not to compare myself to others.  Usually when you do that you either end up a) thinking more of yourself than you ought, or b) lower than a duck’s behind.  Still, it’s something I’ve done since I was little because I never felt that I measured up (as if comparing myself were the cure).  I’m learning that I don’t have to measure up anymore, and that is a beautiful thing.


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