I’ve been busy


…helping put replacement windows in our house.  It’s a lot of work and I’m pretty much drained by the end of the day.  The demolition part makes a huge mess and then after they’re in they’ve got to be cleaned (of course this revealed a few with defects, which will need to be replaced).  I was away yesterday morning when the guy got started and by the time I was got home he’d already put most of the windows in place.  I didn’t know it would go so fast.  I was hoping to get all the iron weights and pulleys out of the old windows before they got boxed in forever.  Today I managed to get 12 of them and some hardware.  The gentleman thought I was nuts for keeping then but then I hopped on eBay and confirmed that yes, there’s a market for everything, including window weights!  There’s probably a market for the old wavy glass from the old windows, too.  Hopefully the more energy efficient replacements will translate into lower fuel bills when cold weather comes around again.

I checked Mrs. House Finch’s nest today.  There are five eggs now :)


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