Fresh Fire Ministries


I’ve been invited to join a family on a trip to Lakeland, Florida, to attend revival services held by Todd Bentley. The plans are tentative, but I do hope we get to go. I don’t really know much about the revival, but today learned that a friend of mine was healed of the celiac disease she’s had for years when she went. In fact, she was scheduled to have her gallbladder out, but that’s healed, too! Another was healed of depression and her life has been impacted tremendously (you’d not believe this bubbly young lady was ever depressed!). Mr. Bentley doesn’t look the part with his earrings and tattoos but then God doesn’t look on the outside of a person. I think it’s great he chose someone like Todd to rock the world like this–and it’s not just happening in Florida. We’re definitely in the end times, folks, and God is pouring out His Spirit like never before! I want to be where He is. Yes, I know He’s here, too, (He’s everywhere actually!!!) but there are times and places where He shows up in a special way. Maybe this is the breakthrough I’ve been longing for. What would you do if you had the opportunity to “meet God” like this? Would you take it?


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