Oppressive heat


It’s to hit 97 degrees today. That’s July-August weather, not early June, when it’s still spring! The AC units are working overtime and no doubt I’ll be staying indoors as much as possible. I can handle heat, it’s the humidity that does me in. Guess I ought to water the plants before they’re done in as well.

I’m a little wilty inside today, too. Yesterday I tried to comfort a friend and realize I may have actually added to her grief. My heart’s in the right place, but I should learn to limit my words when I don’t know what’s causing the pain. This morning God showed me what was causing it. Perhaps he didn’t show me yesterday because I didn’t ask. Far too often I do things without “checking in.”

So today I’m going to attempt to “check in” more (like Brother Lawrence, who practiced the presence of God until he was in constant communion. It is work, there’s no doubt about it.


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