A couple of days ago a young friend sent me a link to join Facebook. I’d been asked before so I decided to go ahead. I am now being sucked into that huge time-devouring cyber world, but it’s been fun. I’m still learning the ropes and am surprised at all the young folks (mostly from our church) who’ve “friended” me. I’d have thought having me as a friend would be akin to inviting your parents to join, lol. I discovered a classmate I hadn’t talked to in 20+ years as well. And I see quite a few poets from the Sphere, but don’t feel I know most of them well enough (well any of them really, although I’ve friended two). I figure they’ll get one look at my profile and head for the hills, lol.

Oh, and yesterday was great. No “encounters”, but definitely some “breakthrough”. It’s a process. I keep wanting God to just show up and change me–ZAP! That does happen sometimes, but it’s rare. And He has met me in the past in different ways. In fact, there have been times when He’s presence has been so real I’ve had to plead with Him to stop pouring his love on me because I felt as if I was going to explode! Bring it on again, I’m ready, lol.

Matt had the SAT this morning and feels pretty good about it. I hope he did well. Guess we’ll find out in a few weeks. It’s nice to have that behind us, though.

The rest of the day is free, so I’m going to spend some time with a blank page and see what happens.


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