Waiting Expectantly


I got all my work done yesterday so today I have off. I have the choice of going back to West Chester and hanging with a lot of poets or going over to a friend’s house and spending some time talking about the book “Destined to Reign” and the CD series on Blood Covenant she loaned me (which is profound, btw). I expect we’d spend some time in prayer, too, seeking God together (hey, where two or more are gathered…. :) One of these days both of us are fully expecting Him to meet us, to “have an encounter” as my previous pastor used to say. That’s something I’ve always known I wanted but to be honest have (naturally) feared. But I’m reminded that “perfect love casts out fear” so I’m thinking the fear won’t last long. So maybe today’s the day, right? If nothing else we’ll have a sweet time together at least. So as you can guess it’s not a hard decision for me to make: meet a lot of somebodies, or meet with Somebody :)

I don’t want that statement to be taken the wrong way, either. I am feeling some pressure to keep my mouth shut about things like what I just shared. I’m thinking it’s because this place may get visited by some of those somebodies and I’ll get branded as one of “them” and immediately written off. Who’s them, you may ask? Them’s folks who try to convict the world of sin (when that’s the Spirit’s job) and come across as being “holier than thou.” I’ve seen it a lot on the web, confessing Christians “defending the faith” and attacking people. I cringe, and I even cry sometimes, and my heart breaks because people need to be loved, not judged. There’s a time to speak and a time to be silent. When the opportunity presents itself, I like to challenge people and/or plant a seed (timing is everything). Unfortunately that sometimes backfires and the walls go up even though I’m trying to tear them down. One thing is certain, no one likes a hypocrite. Jesus’ harshest words were not for sinners but for those religious folk of the day whose walk didn’t match their talk. No, he loved to hang out with sinners, and no doubt they were drawn by his love. I should like to love like that someday, but I have some difficulty receiving and giving love. I’m confident he’ll fix me though. Watch out when he does (you’ve been duly warned, lol :)


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