I’m off!


Headed out in a few to the West Chester Poetry Conference for the day. I look forward to getting reacquainted with some folks I’ve met over the years. I especially enjoyed meeting and talking to Clive Watkins and David Anthony some years back. David will be there this year again. I stayed with Susan McLean one year and got to know her. Her John is coming along this time so I’ll get to meet him. Jan Hodge will be there, too. And I remember my first impression upon meeting Michael Cantor, that “his bark is worse than his bite” lol. The list of attendees is found at General Talk at Eratosphere. No doubt there will be some congregating amongst Spherians. I don’t really fit in, and I don’t say that begrudgingly. To be a part of a board you have to participate. A lot. And there are lots of dynamics which play into it. There are also games which are played and I’m not into those, so I mostly just watch. The occasional times I do open my mouth I usually regret it to some degree. (I’m the country mouse who looks and sounds awfully squeaky amongst the likes of the city folk.) I have something to give to David and also Quincy Lehr, who I will finally get to meet face to face. There are things I’d like to talk to Quincy about, but methinks he’ll want to hang with bigger fish, lol. I would like the opportunity to prove to him, however, that I am anything but squeamish.

It should be an interesting day. Am I nervous? Yes, a little. I’m finding it matters less what others think of me, though, and that is freeing. I enjoy listening to the conversations–kind of like wallowing in wit! I’ll probably be doing a lot of that today with the likes of Sam Gwynn and others around.

Well I’m off! Lord willing, I’ll report in again tomorrow :)


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