What’s up with that?


I logged in to my Yahoo account today and four items appeared in my drafts box, so I checked them out. I don’t usually write things in draft, so I’m not sure where they came from but yes, there they were, two items from 2004 and two from last year!!! And one of the one’s from last year was a submission to Yale Angler’s Journal!!! Ya know, I was wondering why I was never even given the courtesy of a rejection letter, lol. I added a year to my age in the bio and then my finger hovered over the send key. I figured why not?! So it’s sent (and now I get to wait for the real rejection letter, lol). Of course I wonder why these four items show up in my draft box now. Interesting.

I have the day off today and it feels wonderful! Hopefully I won’t waste it all. There’s wash to do and the guy’s coming to finish treating the deck. There’s banking and grocery shopping, packing for a weekend away (Dover race), and more work on my chapbook (I mean scrapbook!), which is coming along nicely. The icing on the cake is it’s a beautiful day!!! Think I’ll wash the car, too. Sometimes I think the birds are deliberately using it for target practice.

Tonight’s the NBC broadcast of the D’Iberville Volunteers Foundation. I’ll have to go over to my neighbor’s because we get only one channel, and that’s ABC.


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