Holiday Break


It’s shaping up to be a beautiful holiday weekend here in PA, and I’m going to attempt to be outside as much as possible! Tomorrow after church we’re loading our grill and taking it to a nearby State Park. We’ve invited other families to join us, so it should be a fun time (we have a canoe docked there, and the fishing is great!).

I’m taking a break from work but also plan on taking one from the Internet as well. I have to do this every now and again in order to get my priorities back in line. Besides, I want to get my chapbook done to take to West Chester and show to a couple of people, and that’s less than two weeks away. I tend to be more efficient with my time when I’m up against a deadline, so hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off.

A ran into a young friend who’s in from Redding, California last night and she’s invited me to go hear her pastor speak at The Life Center in Harrisburg tonight, so I may go to that. She was describing the way God is moving in her church out there. (Makes me want to move there, too!) I’d sure love it if He’d move like that in our church. It’s not that He doesn’t want to, but our unbelief limits Him (hard to imagine God being limited by anything, but He honors the human will.) I keep thinking of that picture from The Shack. I haven’t learned what I need to yet but he’s not disappointed and is saying something like, “Only 49 more times and she’ll get it!” Someday He’ll fix this dysfunctional heart of mine, and I’ll be able to rest in His love. All fear will be gone, for “perfect love casts out fear.” I guess you could call what I’m after complete assurance, which says there’s still a part of me trying to “earn” salvation (even though I know better). Like I said, I have a dysfunctional heart which still believes lies from my youth. Truth is the only thing which sets a person free, but it’s one thing to believe something and another to know it. I want to know it, and so I keep stumbling along. Maybe after tonight it’ll be only 48 more times…


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