Back Home Again


It’s nice to be back home again. I missed Kevin and Tyler…okay, and the dog, too. I had plenty of time to reflect on this past week during the long bus ride. I learned a lot (how to put a new roof on, some painting shortcuts, and how young I’m not, to name just a few things). On the way home there was an opportunity for people to share defining moments of the trip or whatever they felt like sharing. Some of these folks have been to D’Iberville on numerous trips, but this was the last time Lend A Hand would go there to work and it was hard saying goodbye knowing they wouldn’t be back, that their work was drawing to a close. They’re already looking to the future with a trip to Arkansas scheduled for June and some possible long weekends to Virginia. Perhaps I’ll get to go on some of those.

For now it’s time to get sucked back into the regular routine that was my life before I left. I think I’ll start by getting a good night’s rest…and a spoon~!


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