Day 5


We had rain today, so the roof work was postponed.  We’re all hoping there were no leaks around the unfinished part.  Guess we’ll find out tomorrow!  So today I painted, “cutting in” around the borders and windows.  It was a nice break and gave my sore muscles some rest.  Tomorrow it’ll be back to the tough stuff, and as it’s our last day there will be a big push to get it finished.  But that’s tomorrow and you just never know!  Last night after I typed I went to bed and no sooner laid down when Miss Irene banged on the door and said there was a severe thunderstorm watch and we were to be ready to evacuate to the bus if a tornado came.  So we came to the small concrete building that’s here and waited it out (this camp is situated on a ball field). 

Our day was a little shorter today so we could come back, clean up, and then go on a bus tour of the Ocean Springs/Biloxi area.  There are still places sitting as they were just after Katrina.  It’s neat in Biloxi, though, how they’ve taken some of the old live oaks which were killed and let different chainsaw artists come in and carve animals, fish, and birds.  And out in the harbor there’s Deer Island which stands barren with most of the trees stripped to their trunks.  It’s kind of eerie.  After the tour we ate dinner out and now are back at camp.  Someone started a fire, so I think I’ll go camp out near it.  There’s a big dominos game going on (that’s a big thing down here for some reason). 

One of the older gentlemen on the team brought his ice cream making equipment and has made a different flavor every night.  Last night it was peanut butter and it was so good!  A fellow named Nelson has come down here with Lend A Hand on 28 trips I think!  It’s neat making new friends.  And the people here are very friendly.  Back in March a team was here and a couple of the guys went out to get something to eat and started talking to some locals.  When the locals found out where they were from and why they were here, they bought them dinner.  Stuff like that happens all the time here, I’m told. 

I’m contemplating coming down again next month.  Guess I’d better run that past Kevin first!  I’d do this kind of thing all the time if I could.  It’s so much more rewarding than “real work”, lol.  Unfortunately it doesn’t pay the bills, but it does pay in other ways.  Life is all about relationships.  Everything else is just a distraction to keep the focus off what really matters.  The people down here learned that and their lives were changed forever.  Change is good :)


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