Day 4


The NBC crew was here this morning shoving cameras in everyone’s faces.  Then they followed us to the job site and did some filming.  They got some footage of one of the young ladies’ teaching me how to use a nail gun.  Mostly they were there to interview the DVF folks, but there might be a few clips of our gang working. 

We got a lot done today, and were even greeted by the homeowner this morning!  It’s encouraging that she feels comfortable enough to come outside now.  The roof isn’t finished but should be tomorrow (hopefully before the predicted T-storms come).  It was cloudy a good part of the day, which was a blessing, but for some reason the roof seemed hotter.  At one point I felt as if my feet were burning up!  I’m bone tired.  I think they’re switching me to the drywall team tomorrow at another location. 

Getting to know some of the team better.  They’re a great group of people, and I think I’ll be going on future Lend A Hand trips.  Gonna close for now because there’s a storm rolling in.  Hope it doesn’t spawn any twisters.  Not much protection in a tent!


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