Day 1


We made it!  The bus pulled in around 5:30 and we unloaded.  After settling in we headed for an orientation meeting in the kitchen.  Miss Irene (pictured receiving her favorite chocolate–Hershey’s Special Dark–from Bart Richwine) gave us an inspirational history of Hurricane Katrina and what it was like to live through the storm.  I wish I’d have brought a notebook and taken notes, but she promised to give me a pamphlet which contains a lot of facts.  The stories were the most interesting, though, of the response from people in the ensuing months.  The government and the Red Cross did nothing.  It was ordinary people who were moved to do something who shipped truckloads of supplies to this town.  All eyes were on Biloxi, Waveland, and New Orleans, and D’Iverville basically was forgotten!  But God is faithful :) 


You know, there are times when I am even cynical about this country.  We sure get beat up a lot.  But as Miss Irene says, Americans have the biggest hearts in the world.  I hope I have some time tomorrow to at least share a story or two.  For now my time’s limited, so I’ll keep it short.  The other two pics are the sign post with signs from the organizations which came to help (she said the majority came from the northeast).  And the Coke machine filled with sneakers?  It’s the lost and found! 


Tomorrow I’m working on a roof.  It’s going to be hot and very sunny, so I’ll be lathering on sunscreen!  Time to get some shuteye now. 


Hershey\'s Special DarkLost and FoundVolunteer Signpost


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