A Visit from a Friend


Today I’m expecting a visitor from Lancaster County, a schoolmate I haven’t seen in fifteen years or more. I wish the weather wasn’t so gloomy and I hope she doesn’t have to drive in downpours like we had yesterday. I’m sure we’ll have fun catching up, talking about kids and life and faith and whatever else pops up! No doubt the years will melt away and there will be lots of laughs. Laughs are good! My daily requirement for them is higher than the national average, lol.

It’ll be a couple of hours before she gets here, so I’m going to putz around with the chapbook. Last night I called a friend who ties flies, and he’s going to provide me with a tent-winged caddis fly so I can draw it on the page that has a poem which makes reference to it. I don’t think I mentioned that I got the sketch back from my sister for the Amish poem, and it’s great! While I realize most poetry books don’t include artwork and that it will probably draw criticism from “the world of poetry”, I’ve decided to do it anyway because it’s what I want and I’m not doing this to please that world. I don’t really fit in there anyway, so why should I feel compelled to do things their way? I have always loved art and don’t see it as separate from my writing. So there :)


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