Spring Cleaning


I’ve decided to do some spring cleaning and am taking a short break.  It’s always a good feeling when things are in their place and nice and clean.  I wish it were as easy to clean myself up on the inside.  I hate to say I’ve been struggling with something because someone told me once that when you say that you’re really saying you’re unwilling to submit to God in that area.  While that may be partly true, there is an extent to which we need to be rescued.  Chris Rice has a song, I Need a Hero, kind of fits where I’m at.  Just because I’m saved doesn’t mean life’s a bed of roses and I don’t have struggles, or that I don’t wrestle with depression at times.  Now’s one of those times.  Best to keep busy, although I just want to sleep.  Sometimes I go to bed at the end of a day like this and wake up the next morning and it’s gone!  I guess, being a woman, I’m allowed to blame it on hormones.  I never was much of one for blaming, though.


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