Home Again


Vacations are fun, had a great time, but there’s no place like home!  We started out the ski season with a week in the Poconos in January.  It was the coldest week of the season, and the snow was powder.  The snow this past week was like mashed potatoes and much more difficult to ski in, but we still had fun.  The sun shone most of the week and we got sunburned!  Unfortunately, more than half of Killington was closed because of the snowmelt and smaller crowds.  We didn’t get to do the longer runs, and more than once I found myself on slopes above my level, but I made it!  I didn’t ski every day but my husband did.  One of the runs (I think it was called Frolic) was a skinny trail through the woods, and the one day they had a red fox jump out and run down the trail in front of them for a ways!

All in all it was a relaxing week.  Friends came and joined us for a few of the days.  We took a trip up to check out Mad River Glen.  Kevin and I may take a trip there next year but we’ll have to leave Matt behind because they don’t allow snowboarding.  We went to Woodstock yesterday.  All the towns and villages up there are tucked in between the mountains.  I’d like to spend more time there, too.  With the sun and rain adding to the snowmelt, the streams were really rolling.  Kept looking for a moose but didn’t see one.  And I shall never complain about Pennsylvania roads again!  You haven’t seen bad roads until you hit the ones which have “Frost Heave” warning signs posted along the roads!

We met a lot of interesting people from Vermont and even from England and Scotland.  Lots of old hippies up there.  As a friend likes to say, “Some of those people took a trip and never came back!”

I’m glad to have had a break from the routine.  Always good to be home again, though :)


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