We’re headed out tomorrow morning for Killington, Vermont, for a week’s vacation.  We spent a week in the Poconos in January and kicked off the ski season and this will be the official end of it.  Vacations are something new to us–it took years for Kevin to build the business, and we just never had the time or the money.  It’s nice to be able to enjoy life a little.  I could get very used to this, but I think the country’s headed for hard times economically.  Not going to worry about that this week though!

I’ve packed my rhyming dictionary, thesaurus and some rough drafts of poems I’m working on.  I’m not used to composing with pen and paper, though, and I don’t have a laptop.  Of course that means no internet either, so unless I can borrow my son’s PDA and there’s wireless, this post will remain in place for a week!

In other news, it was just announced that Rose Kelleher won the prestigious Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize for 2008.  I don’t know Rose very well, but am getting to know her, and certainly proud to know her.  I’ve heard it said if you shoot for the stars you’ll get the moon.  She shot for the stars and got the stars!


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