Clear as a bell


…my gallbladder, that is :)  The tech’s first question:  “Are you a vegetarian?”  (I’m not, though I don’t eat much red meat.)  He said all my vessels were “very clear.”  In fact, everything looked good, although he said he wasn’t supposed to say anything.  That’s all fine and dandy, but doesn’t explain the recurring problem.  So I imagine there will be some other kind of testing which will need to be performed, and I’m probably correct to assume that future tests will become more invasive (ugh).  In any event, I’m feeling better (though I’ve caught a cold).  We’re headed out for a week at Killington on Sunday.  Being sick this week didn’t help me get my to-do list down to a manageable level, but the day is still young…sort of.  Oh, wait, there’s a committee meeting at the church tonight…and tomorrow there’s a birthday party….I need a vacation before I go on vacation :)


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