Spring colds


I’ve come down with a cold, and a pretty nasty one at that. Add to that a recurring GI problem which might mean gallbladder trouble, and let’s just say the past day and a half have been “interesting.” I went to the doctor today and they made an appointment for me to get a sonogram on Friday morning (the earliest I could get in–sure glad it wasn’t a real emergency, lol). Hope this doesn’t change vacation plans. Don’t think I’ll be doing much skiing next week even if we do go to Vermont.

So, no, I didn’t write anything yesterday. Or today. So much for writing a poem a day during the month of April! Kudos to Julie Carter who not only is doing so but had the titles given to her in advance, some of which are quite bizarre. And so far she’s doing a great job!

All I want to do is sleep!


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