Rise Up & Dance


Headed out in a few to a passion play called Rise Up & Dance–the Night is Nearly Over! Tyler (my oldest) plays Peter. I saw a practice earlier this week and was definitely impressed. It’s being put on by Harrisburg Youth for Christ and has a huge cast.

Last night I went to a “Poetry Channel” event in Newport. I belong to a writer’s group which isn’t very big, but we have a good time once a month sharing our work. Every once in a while we get together in a local coffee shop and are sometimes joined by musicians for an evening of poetry and music. One of the featured readers at this evening was a young lady named Olivia Meldrum who performed (from memory) The Pomegranate and the Big Crowd by Alberto Rios (she was a state winner in last year’s Poetry Out Loud competition). What a delightful poem! She did a great job, too, in spite of the fact that she was interrupted twice by people coming late (she was in front of the door!). She read a poem she had written, which was also very good.


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