That dreamy state


…between halfway asleep and awake this morning was filled with poetry instead of dreams. By the time I realized what was happening half of what I’d been thinking was beyond my grasp and I had to watch it float away like balloons back up into heaven. So I grabbed a piece of paper and pen beside my bed and wrote down the few ideas I could still recognize even as they receded from my memory and then leaned back on my pillow and tried to get back into that state. I was only marginally successful.

I think it happened because I had an interesting discussion with a friend last night and shared my idea for a paradelle that will probably take years to write. (Let’s just say it would be helpful if I knew Spanish!) The form is difficult enough but then I go and throw a twist in it (I must be a glutton for punishment) that would cause someone from Mensa to raise an eyebrow. You want to do what?!!! Why?! Because it’s there, and because I like to shoot for the stars!


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