Get ready, get set…


…stay! I thought I was taking my son to the slopes today with a group of friends, but volleyball practice last night was gruesome and his legs are like jelly. (You can’t have jelly legs and snowboard for long before you crash, and as Matt likes to cruise down the mountain at supersonic speed, it would be dangerous.) It’s just as well. I’ve a lot to do and not enough week left at the end of my work. The thing I dread doing the most is taking our dog to the vet to have her put down. We’ve known this day would come, and last evening made the mistake of letting her out to do her business without leashing her. Someone walked by out front and the gate was open and she let him know that this was our property and he shouldn’t be there.  She bit him in the leg. We’ve been having trouble with her in other ways, too, but I’ll spare you the details. I’m hoping I can talk Kevin into doing the dirty deed tomorrow. He’s been saying we should do this for a couple of years now. There will be no more dogs after this.


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