A time to speak?


I lurk at Eratosphere mostly, where comments like this often appear:

Don’t forget that Christians have a Heaven as well that justifies missionary activity, allows lies about weapons of mass destruction, and in some perverted way allows them to freely damn their enemies, those who don’t accept their polytheism, to Hell.

Aside from the missionary activity (which was commanded and should be motivated by love), I don’t agree with any of the rest. Lying is wrong, and I’ve always been taught to love my enemies. I don’t damn anyone (who dares such a thing?) There is one God, and He’s a God of love and mercy. But he’s also holy and just.

In any event, I often sit poised with my hands over the keyboard wondering whether I should reply, knowing I’d probably be pounced upon and torn to shreds. When I can, I try to ask questions to get people thinking (rather than give my opinions, which have been known to change). But sometimes it’s like watching Jesus being crucified all over again.

And I wonder if I have “lost my salt” because I keep my mouth shut.


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