Blustery day!


A front is moving in and we’re getting some pretty strong wind gusts which translates into power glitches, so as soon as I’m done blogging I’m shutting down the computer until tonight. I was going to go skiing at Blue Mountain but with Matt’s sickness and the weather, I decided to catch up on other things instead, like writing a letter to the editor imploring those who walk their dogs by our yard to avail themselves of the bags I intend to impale on a flagholder nearby. First I have to make up a little sign to plant beside it:

These are here for you to use,
just tear one off and use it
to clean up Spot’s or Fido’s poohs
so I don’t have to do it!

There’s a fine if your dog is caught depositing a landmine in someone else’s yard, but who really wants to be the bad guy and turn someone in? Hopefully humor will work. If not I’ll have to think of something else, because it’s getting worse. I have a little dog. She’s not capable of laying the logs I’ve had to pick up lately! That I have to resort to something like this is sad, actually. I guess courtesy isn’t so common anymore.


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