Home again


There’s a green trail at Camelback called “Home Again” which takes you back to the main lodge.  But this is the real home again.  Always good to be there.  Always amazed at how quickly vacations pass.  A week just isn’t long enough.  Kevin and I talked about that on the way home today and he agrees that when our life is over we’ll have the same reaction, “Wow, that went fast.”  It’ll feel the same as that week-long vacation.  But we sure had a great time!  I find that’s how I look at life, too.  It’s meant to be enjoyed despite the fact that things will not always be pleasant.

Despite the soreness from the overuse of underused muscles, it was in many ways the perfect vacation.  The weather couldn’t have been better for skiing (unless of course we’d have had a foot of natural snow dumped on us!).  A little cold at first.  Skiing Sunday night in zero-degree temps with a wind chill was an experience.  By the end of the week I can honestly say I think I’ve gotten the hang of it, though I still prefer green runs (the easy ones for beginners) and blue (for beginners and intermediates).  I took a bad fall yesterday afternoon and banged myself up, but hey, that goes with the territory.

So this is the second vacation we’ve taken in the last six months.  It’s as if we’re suddenly making up for twenty years of no vacations!  And it’s not like we have a lot of money to burn, because we don’t.  We took all our food and cooked it there, and our only expense was lift tickets (which are expensive enough, but we had half-price coupons).  Yes, you can squeeze blood from a turnip!


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