The Bard Double-Dactyled


I met Jan Hodge at the West Chester Poetry Conference years ago, and through the years we’ve kept in touch both at the conference, at Eratosphere, and when I’ve written asking for guidance on a Carmina Figurata I was working on (he is the master of the form). He is a college professor and all around great guy, and is a particularly gifted writer of that form as well as double dactyls. His book, The Bard Double-Dactyled and Other Odd Pieces, was just published by Morningside College Press, and I received my copy in the mail today and am enjoying it.

Incidentally, I never “found a home” for my Carmina (“Make Mine Darjeeling”), I think in part because the form is perceived as a gimmick (which is partly true, but hey, life is full of gimmicks–just watch television! :) I guess most journals think the form is below them. Most writers won’t even try them. They are quite the challenge, that’s for sure! I don’t know which is harder, those or the paradelle. Anyway, I wish there was a way to post mine here, but the shape won’t hold.

Does that mean I’m out of shape? :)


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