The first robin


Already, and it’s only January 8. Usually they’re not around for another month at least, but it is unseasonably warm right now. Poor thing. It’s in for a harsh surprise when winter returns again. I should add that I haven’t seen it, but there’s no mistaking that voice!

Oh, and I wrote a poem over the weekend, inspired by C. S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters”. I posted it at P&C, where it went over like a lead balloon, lol. Well, I’m quite rusty, and “religious” poems are difficult to crit, so I really wasn’t expecting it to do well.

The Law of Undulation
(after C. S. Lewis)

That I, half spirit and half animal,
inhabit both eternity and time
and seek, as such, a state from which I’ll fall,

troughs and peaks the closest constant I’m
repeatedly returning to. In vain
I try to grasp what’s changeless and Divine

but all my efforts and affections wane
then wax again until I’m yearning for
the merest echo of Your presence, strain

to hear Your voice, to find the open door.
This endless ebb and flow can wear away
one’s faith, but patience has its own reward

if, when I’m in the valley I still pray,
and when I feel forsaken, still obey.


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