Braving the stores


Yep, I’m headed out soon to do the day-after-Christmas sale thing.  Lots of good bargains to be had, and some Christmas cash in my pocket.  I’m sure there will be lots of others doing the same thing.  Fortunately I don’t have anything to return.

I spoke with a friend last night from Connecticut.  I got to know her and a few others years ago when I first got into writing.  We met at a place called Writer’s Write.  I remember Googling something and finding the place, though I wasn’t necessarily looking for a poetry board.  It looked interesting, so I went, and it’s there that I started to read and write poetry.  After a month or so a handful of us gravitated toward one another, and for almost a year a few of us had a wonderful time together posting poetry and getting to know each other.  From there I was introduce to the Gazebo and Eratosphere.  And once I was introduced to Eratosphere my poetry pretty much became strictly formal.  In 2001 four of them came to Pennsylvania for a weekend and we had a great time.  I’ve been down to Texas once, too, and up to Connecticut twice for a visit (and hope to go again this spring!).

One of these friends has the nickname of Clementine, and I’m not sure when it started exactly, but I began to collect orange things through the year and send them to her at Christmas.  One year I saved a real wooden clementine box with the orange netting and as my sons were into “Homies” (those little plastic figures) at the time I saved all the clear dispenser balls which had orange tops.  Then I proceeded to find things little enough to fit into these balls, wrapped them in orange tissue paper and put them inside the balls, and filled the box!  I had so much fun gathering things through the year, and she had a blast opening them.  We both agreed I’d never be able to top that presentation, lol.  I still do the orange box, though.  I spoke to her last night.  She had been away for the day, and she said when she got home she had four calls from friends who wanted to know what was in her “orange box” this year!   What fun!  I hope to find some orange things today :)


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