I suppose there are a lot of Christmas Cantatas being performed today in churches.  We had one in ours, and my oldest had a part but I had nursery duty and missed it.  I think they’re going to do it again next Sunday night at a nursing home, so perhaps I’ll get to see it then.  I heard he did a good job, and I also heard other “highlights”:  The youngest member of the choir (maybe ten!) started to wobble, his book drooped and he stopped singing two songs in and the director motioned for the choir to keep going as he stepped forward and grabbed the little guy before he fell over and walked him to a chair in the front row before he went back to leading the choir.  He didn’t see the boy barf ten seconds later, but most of the choir did!  A few minutes later the second-youngest member got white as a sheet and exited the stage and the sanctuary.  He did come back later minus his suit jacket (mental note:  have the males in the choir wear short-sleeved shirts with no jackets when they perform in the future!).  It was warm in the sanctuary today, and being up front like that adds a few degrees of nervousness.  They all did a great job, I’m told.

Then we had a meal together in the fellowship hall and had a real nice time.  I love my church family.  We don’t have our acts together and nobody tries to act as if they do, which is nice because we can be real with each other.  Most families have teens and we’re all learning together how to love them where they’re at.  We can encourage each other and laugh and cry together.  We tell the kids we’re not giving up on them so they’re not allowed to give up on us!  It’s been tough because we basically just came through a church split.  It was quite the study on how denominations are formed.  It grieved my heart, so I’m sure it grieves His.  But we go on, minus a few families.  There’s work to be done, a world of people to love, and our goal hasn’t changed, that of lifting up Christ.  He said “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me.”

We were supposed to go caroling this afternoon, but it’s pouring.  Wish it was snow!  I can’t imagine our Christmas will be white this year :(


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