It’s been a while


…since I’ve “performed”, but tonight is “family night” at our church, and families and/or individuals get to sing/play/perform Christmas music.  We’ve got quite a number of accomplished young people in our church, and I look forward to hearing the cello especially.  I’m playing my guitar with another lady who’s playing the violin, and we’ve only practiced a couple of times, so I hope it goes okay.  I asked if we could be put at the beginning so we could “get it out of the way” and enjoy the rest of the program.  We’re #14 out of #17.  Guess that message got lost, lol.  Oh well.  Not a big deal, I’m among family :)

In other news it’s raining, and the snow is disappearing, which doesn’t bode well for skiing, but I’m not ready for that yet anyway (although my husband is chomping at the bit!).  Maybe in a month, lol.


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