My mom, two brothers, a sister-in-law, and a nephew came over for Thanksgiving today.  My future daughter-in-law and her brother showed up at the last minute, too, but there was plenty of food.  The tryptopans are kicking in, so I’m opting for a quick nap.  I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and it’s catching up to me!

I love my family.  We’re a little dysfunctional, but my brothers especially love to laugh.  Even now as I type, they’re all downstairs laughing their heads off watching some cult classic Chinese movie made in the early ’70s.  I’m thankful for many things but probably take a lot for granted, too.  No, not probably, I’m sure I do.  We all do.  Perhaps that’s why things have to come and rock our world from time to time.

In NaNoNews, I hope to be able to write a bit after the family leaves.  I need to crank out at least 1,500 to stay on track to catch up, and actually need to get ahead because I’ll be away all day Saturday.  I haven’t lost hope yet, but did hit a wall with regard to one scene.  I know I should skip it and come back to it later, but I don’t operate that way.  Perhaps I need to change!


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