I broke 20,000!


The fact that I should have broken 20,000 about eight days ago is beside the point.  The good news is I have the rest of the day off.  But first a nap, lol.  I stayed up writing waaaaaay too late last night and hope a little snooze takes the edge off.

I showed the first five chapters to my neighbor yesterday.  We went over there to watch the last Nascar race of the season (and yes, my driver won the chase!!!).  Anyway I gave her the manuscript with a little fear and trepidation, because she devours books and I knew she’d be a tough critic (which is what I know I need).  She’s not much for racing, so she read it during the race.  I was especially pleased when she laughed or had other verbal reactions.  In the end she said she liked it, that it “had real potential.”  She made some excellent points, wrote some notes in the margins, and handed it back saying that there were some very well-written parts, especially the chapter where I killed off one of my characters (and here I’ll confess to you, too, that I literally cried while I was writing it!).

Okay, so immediately the part of me that sees the glass as half empty wants to say it’ll never be good enough to be a “real” book (whatever that means), but I don’t have time to listen to myself whine if I hope to finish by the 30th.  I’m surprised at how important that’s becoming.  Just 2,500 words a day….   So.  Time for a nap and then more work.


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