I need a nap


No, I didn’t get to write yesterday.  And my nephew turned seven, not six (where’d I lose a year?!).  We got home late, my husband had a cappuccino to keep him awake for the drive home, and then proceeded to toss and turn all night.  Between that and the fire sirens for a house fire outside of town, I got very little sleep–a bad headache trigger.  This afternoon we’re headed to our neighbors’ house.  They’ve been inviting us over this entire racing season, and we’re going to go watch the last race of the season with them.  Our driver has the pole and a good chance at winning the championship, but I don’t like watching races live.  Usually they tape them for us and we watch them the next day or through the week, enjoying the luxury of fast forwarding through all the commercials (which to me translates into a better use of time).  And of course, I’m thinking I could be writing.  No, I SHOULD be writing, at least 2,500 words today if I want to finish by Nov. 30.  Ugh.

We exchanged names yesterday, but it’s kind of silly.  No one knows what to put for gift suggestions, so we all end up buying the person we picked a gift certificate or two.  It’s like we all exchange money.  (I will echo Charlie Brown: “Good grief.”)  We’ll just have to find other ways to be a blessing :)

Time to try to write.  I have an hour before we head next door…


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