On the similarities


…between writing poetry and writing a novel, that is.  Okay, so I know I’m going to have a hard time explaining this, because for me writing is more feeling than logic, but I’ll give it a whirl.  Basically, the process is the same as far as I can see.  There’s the initial idea that you start to build on.  Often in poetry it’s a line or two (the plot in a novel) that a poem is built around.  There are times when a poem will go in the direction you think these lines couple of lines are taking you, but often they have a mind of their own and will suddenly take you in a different direction.

I’m finding that in writing this novel.  I have some basic thoughts that I’m trying to build around, but developing a character this way or that is leading in some interesting directions.  I’m also discovering just how much of my life experience is finding its way to the page and why people are so quick to make assumptions about certain characters in a novel reflecting characteristics or events in an author’s life.  Much of what’s happening is, in part, taken from real-life events of my own or stories I’ve heard.  Of course, I stretch and change at will, which is fun.  I get to be omnipotent in this little “world” I’ve created.  But not totally.  The characters are starting to tell me what they want to do!   I just wish I had more time each day to write.

Headed into another busy day, and tomorrow was supposed to be a day off for the most part but a friend just called and is working on a project so I offered to go help because that’s what friends do.  She did it for me a couple years ago when I tore the kitchen out while Kevin was away for two weeks (that story will eventually make its way into a novel, lol).  I’m glad to return the favor as she tries to finish a project which will hopefully be a good surprise to her husband when he comes home from a trip.  ANYWAY, My word count is 2,872.  It should be around seven or eight thousand by now, but who’s counting?  :)


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