That’s all.  Just 462 words.  Ugh.  Let’s see, it took about an hour to write, and since I need to write approximately 1,600 words a day then I’d say I need to pick up the pace a little bit, lol.  And I believe I actually read somewhere that there’s a group of novelists in Canada who have something similar to NaNo but they do it in a weekend.  I’m too anal for that, always wanting to go back and tweak what I’ve written.  That’s like driving and never leaving first gear.  I need to do some shifting and pick up some speed (and maybe put the top down, woo-hoo!).

Well, it’s early, and I have some free time today, and I know how to start the next chapter, so that’s as far ahead as I’m willing to look.  Add into writing time making soup for a neighbor who’s moving, doing wash and cleaning and cooking for a family of 10 who’s coming over tomorrow afternoon, and attending a social function this evening, and I’d say my day’s pretty packed (but what’s new?).

Time to get back to work!


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