…or not


Okay, so I’ve been up since 3 a.m. and tossed and turned until 4, when I finally got up and worked for 2 hours on the letter that wouldn’t let me sleep. After a quick hour’s rest I’m up for the day to do proofreading, wash, homeschooling, and after all that going to the PCCA to edit the Artsquarter before lunch and heading to the church to work for a few hours. THEN maybe after I get home, make dinner, do the dishes, and probably crash because I’ve only had three hours’ sleep, I’ll think about starting my novel. Or not.

But I did write some silly double dactyls yesterday (part of a challenge), though I didn’t follow all the guidelines. There are some things I’m making myself do before I start the book. (I guess I needed to prove to myself that I can finish some things I start!) The challenge was to write an epithalamion (which this isn’t, lol), but hey, it got me writing! And even now as I post it I see flaws but I’m posting it anyway, lol.

Bachelor, catchelor
footloose and fancy free,
Whoa! Who is that dressed in
satin and lace?

Soon he discovers her
image is everywhere
even when she’s not there
he sees her face.

“Marry me, carry me
over the threshold and
I will forever be
your honeybun.”

He’s hearing wedding bells,
heads to the jewelry store
buys her the one

caroty rarity
Family and friends send them
cards, wish them well, throw a
party and showers.

goodbye to singleness,
“What’s mine is yours” is now
his, hers, and ours.


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