Day 2 (which is actually Day 1 to me :)


Well, I wrote my first chapter, and I can’t even figure out how to get a word count at the website! Here’s the beginning of my first attempt at writing a novel…

“I always have a hard time figuring out what to give him for his birthday,” Lana said, calling to Eileen in the next aisle. “Help me out here, will you? He is your brother, after all.”

“Coming!” Eileen called as she came around the corner with her hands behind her back. “This is what every single man needs to help keep him warm at night,” she said mischievously, then quickly swung one arm around to reveal a Special Limited Edition Y2K Furby. “Ta, da! Look here, it says ‘The more you play with me, the more I do! I will keep amazing you!’”

Lana wasn’t impressed. “Oh, puleeeze,” she said. “Those things remind me of that movie with the gremlins in it.”

“Well, if that’s not good enough,” Eileen continued, undaunted, “then how about this!” In her other hand she held a Y2K Voodoo doll. “It’s a computer! Isn’t that so appropriate? And it comes complete with pins so he can stick it to the millennium!” With that she laughed out loud, drawing the attention of nearby customers. Lana raised an eyebrow and smiled as Eileen continued. “I know for a fact that Billy is tempted to throw his computer out the window from time to time,” she added matter of factly. “This could really save him a lot of money!”

Yes, Lana knew that, too. Bill Banks worked as a systems analyst, and with all the hype about Y2K and predictions about widespread computer failure, his job was becoming quite stressful. Perhaps the voodoo doll wasn’t such a bad idea. Then again, it wasn’t quite what she had in mind, and it did seem a more appropriate gift coming from a sister rather than a fiance. “I think I’ll pass, but thanks,” she said, continuing her search for that special something.

Eileen disappeared around the corner and came back empty handed. “Why would you want to go and give him anything that would remind him of his job, anyway? I mean, how would you feel if he bought you a stethoscope?”

“Actually, I could use a new one,” Lana said. “My nephew decided he wanted to be a doctor; that is, before his destructive tendencies kicked in at the exact moment when I turned my back to answer a call. Besides, this isn’t about Bill’s work, it’s about our wedding. We’re getting married January 1st,” she reminded Eileen. “The rest of the world may be counting down to Y2K, but I’m counting down to our wedding.”

“Good point,” Eileen added. “Well in that case, how about one of these made-for-the-occasion beauties?”

Lana turned to face Eileen, who stood there looking for all the world like the cat who just swallowed the canary. “It’s perfect,” Lana said. “I’ll take it.”


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