The discussions I referred to below involve an avowed neo-Nazi who is one of the most troubled people I have come across on the net. Anyone who thinks this man is harmless needs to read the following excerpt from an email I received today. It is an example of where this kind of ideology leads and is taken from the prayer letter of a Christian family living in Berlin, Germany:

“As our son was returning from university yesterday, he stood and prepared to exit his train. A couple dressed in attire that identified them as Neo-Nazis approached the door at the same time. The man had two Rottweiler dogs on a leash. Our son glanced at them with a slight smile on his face (his usual demeanor). With no provocation, the man struck our son hard in the face and began cursing. The woman said to him in German, ‘Don’t look at our faces when you are around us, you look down at the ground.’ This took place in front of a train full of onlookers.”

I found myself wondering what the folks on the train did after this couple entered? Did the passengers all turn away and pretend they weren’t there, or did anyone else dare to look them in the eyes?


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