Friday already?


I can’t believe it’s Friday already. Lost a couple of days posting. One of those days we went to Ocracoke. That turned out to be the best day weatherwise for going to the beach. The following day and all thereafter the beaches were littered with seaweed and smelled none too nice, but that’s what currents do this time of year. I’m digressing, though. Ocracoke was nice but we had to wait a while for the ferry and made the mistake of stopping at the pony corral just inside the island. I’ve been to Africa but the mosquitoes there were something else. It’s as if they hadn’t tasted blood in a week (which could be true considering the wind) and attacked you the moment you opened the door. No lie, they were like kamikazis when you shut the door, too, flying into the windows trying to get at you! The island is quaint, but not what I’d hoped. On the way back we missed being able to climb the Hatteras lighthouse by ten minutes. Oh well.

Yesterday we went to Jockey’s Ridge, which is a state park and is the largest active sand dune in the east. Kevin and Matt flew their kites. I took pictures and managed to burn the insoles of my feet. That’s a must-see, though, if you come. Then we took a sunset cruise and got treated to a dolphin show. They were throwing fish back and forth to each other! I got it on videotape and took some pictures, one of which I tried to upload but it turned out to be gigantic. I’ll figure that out some other time.

Today’s our last full day. Other than our drive on the beach we haven’t spent any time there, and I’d really like to just walk around if nothing else. Lots of neat sea glass and scoured shells to collect. I wish we had another week because I’m not ready to head back into the grind. Oh well, ready or not….


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