Kill Devil Hills


Our big adventure for the day was visiting the Wright Brothers National Monument in Kill Devil Hills. I’m not sure why I always thought the flight was from Kitty Hawk, but it wasn’t. In any event, it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed our trip. Matt tried to fly his stunt kite from up atop the hill, but there wasn’t enough wind. Might go down to Hatteras tomorrow or to Ocracoke. I’m going to take a swim in the indoor pool in a few. We still haven’t made it to the beach other than driving around in the truck yesterday! The surf’s been pretty rough though, and there are riptide warnings, so I’m content to sit and read and watch the sandpipers. Don’t think I’d want to go out anyway because I saw some jellyfish washed up. A lot of surf fishing going on, too.

I’m still working on relaxing. Wish I could send everybody off for a day and just have some time by myself. I know that sounds selfish, but even on vacations there’s work to do, and I don’t feel like working, lol. I think we’re going to rent a movie tonight. Let me see, there are five of us and Mary and I are outnumbered, so what are the odds it’ll be a chick flick? :)


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